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5 Step 3D Printing Process

Our 3d printing process

5 Step 3D Printing Process

Our 3D Printing Process

Using the Fortus 450MC, a large-scale printer that allows customers to print larger items and models with greater material durability and greater print complexity using dissolvable support material.
The Fortus 450mc prints and builds parts, models that have advanced complexity and can scale with small batch and medium scale production. With easy-to use interfaces and software controls, the Fortus printing systems make it easy to produce complex parts more efficiently and effectively.
Castech 3D has a team of experts to assist you through the 3D printing process. With an impressive workforce of 3D printers to bring your ideas to life whether it is 3D model printing, rapid prototyping, or something of your own creation.
We offer 3D Printing of sizes up to 406mm x 355mm x 406mm using a variety of filament materials (Plastics, ABS, PLAs) and a range of colours.

3D model printing
3d printer – Fortus 450MC

Castech 3D – 5 Step Printing process

Step 1 – Contact Us


Talk to one of our team members for expert advice and assistance. Discuss your issue or project and we will provide a 3D printing solution that is cost-efficient and quick to complete.

+61 8 8349 7299

Or if you are unable to talk to one of our team members, please use our Contact form and send us a message and we will get back to you regarding your questions and requirements for your project by email or phone.

Contact us here

Step 2 – Send CAD Data


Here is where we start to bring your idea to life. Send us a digital 3D model and using CAD software (computer aided design) we can start to visualise your product.

Our technician can make any modifications to ensure the best print, every time.

Don’t have a CAD model? No worries, we can use your ideas and drawings to create a CAD 3D model in-house.

Step 3 – Get Quote


Using the CAD model, we can provide you a pricing quote. The cost of a 3D print can vary but is still much more cost-efficient that traditional manufacturing techniques. Our pricing is dependent on factors such as order quantity, size, detail, filament (material used) and any after print finishes.

Step 4 – Order


Now to finalise your order! Speak to us to confirm the final design and pricing and we will start printing on the same business day!

Step 5 – Delivered


Once we have realised your ideas and brought them to life, we send them on their way. We have fast turnaround time for your product and can get them shipped all over Australia.
Our 3D printer filaments are very durable and each print is packed with care. All you need to do is keep an eye on your mailbox! In most circumstance we can get your product to you within 48 hours of the purchase order.
Below are some of the 3d model printing products we have produced for our customers, ranging from one off unique parts for specialised projects to engineering prototype models and home schooling projects!
To find out more about our 3d Printer services at Wingfield, please contact Brad Walsh

3d model printing
3d model printing