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Smart manufacturing models in Wingfield

Manufacturing models

Smart manufacturing models in Wingfield

Castech 3D printer Wingfield

Castech 3D, in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs, broadens its horizons and introduces twenty-first century capabilities by manufacturing models, prototypes and production parts with their 3D printer in Wingfield. Castech 3D, which operates on the same site as its parent business, started printing in early 2017.

“We wanted to provide our customers with new high-technology options for creating and manufacturing models. This has opened up customer demand as you can print patterns, models and parts for our customers,” Primary Technician David Stoddart explained.

3d casts wingfield
3D Casts Wingfield

Manufacturing models for multiple sectors

3D printing provides numerous benefits with adoption in various industries and sectors, Castech 3D’s Quality Manager Brad Walsh explained the advantages to using the company’s 3D printer at their Wingfield site, “We have a lot of exciting projects happening now in the foundry. The benefits to our customer is that we can create, customise or use a customer’s own design to produce 3D manufacturing models and prototypes much faster, better and cheaper.”

Digital manufacturing, including the use of 3D printing, is replacing conventional manufacturing methods as it allows for greater production efficiencies with no material waste and no tooling required.

“It is our aim for it to provide around 10% of the company’s income, and customer demands for 3D printing jobs are growing progressively,” Walsh said. “The 3D printing facilities also have benefits for the foundry, as you can print patterns for customer’s components.”
Castech is no stranger to manufacturing high-quality products, having worked numerous Australian defence projects. The company provides a range of services including prototyping, part modelling and manufacturing for industries like armoured transportation, Australian Navy, automotive as well as consumer products and models.

The 3D printing side of the business can vary from one-off prototypes to production parts, large-scale print runs to manufacturing models, all done in thermos plastic. With an advanced system consisting of multiple 3D printers, Castech 3D is on the forefront of ‘Industry 4.0’ with the capability to produce virtually anything.

“At the 3D Business, customers might come to us with a CAD model and ask us to print a prototype,” Walsh explained. “After it’s made, the customer can evaluate the item and may make a modification to improve it.

Recently Castech 3D succeeded in producing their largest print run to date, printing 3,900 specialise electronics brackets for a defence and security company. “Each batch printed had 99 items on a plate and it took three days of continuous printing to complete the batch.” Walsh said.

Our 3D Printing Service

Castech 3D has the capability to simultaneously produce 3D printed batches with their system of multiple printers including smaller print beds for higher-detail, greater filament variety and lower costs, as well as South Australia’s first and only Fortus 450MC, a large-scale printer that allows customers to print larger items and models with greater material durability and greater print complexity using dissolvable support material. Castech 3D supplies efficient and quality 3D printing at a competitive price, suitable for a range of industries from the dramatic arts to defence and everything in between.

Castech 3D prides itself on the ability to cater for any individual or large-scale organisation to embrace advance solutions through 3D printing. The team was able to assist a local woman requiring a low-cost solution for her broken-down roller door. “We drew it up for her for just $35. It would have cost her $1,500 for a new roller door,” Walsh said. “That epitomises our customer service. We cater for any job, large or small. Most importantly we understand the value of a quality product at a low 3D printing cost.”

With the tagline to ‘Bring your ideas to life’, Castech 3D seeks to delivery quality productions, cost-effective solutions with a fast completion.

To find out more about their 3D Printer services at Wingfield, please contact Brad Walsh