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Castech3D: 3D model printing service

3d model printing

Castech3D: 3D model printing service

At Castech 3D, we have 3D printers capable of providing a range of 3D model printing service for your next project. Our Stratasys Fortus 450MC 3D printer is cable of printing patterns, coreboxes and prototypes for your next project. Our speciality is producing prototypes for the parts manufacturing industries. We embrace the latest cutting edge 3D technology of additive manufacturing using South Australia’s first and only Fortus 450MC printer.

We supply 3D model printing service to the following industries;

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive & Petroleum
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Defence
  • Power Generation
  • General Engineering

Castech3D provides the following 3D model printing service for;

Rapid Prototyping

Concept Models

Jigs and Fixtures

Production Parts

Foundry Patterns & Coreboxes

Props for Theatre/Films

Vacuum Moulds

We aim to work with you to meet your needs, whilst also keeping up to date with the latest technology through our attendance at seminars and conferences, as well as liaising with industry peers. Additionally, we streamline manufacturing whilst maximising possibilities. We have the ability to handle large prototypes and accurate low volume parts with agility and we will implement innovative techniques to serve you better.

3D model Printing service – Rapid Prototyping

3D printed model
3D model printing service

Rapid Prototyping is the process of manufacturing goods very quickly. Castech3D has the ability to cut the need for manual work or labour by manufacturing the product directly from the computer to our 3D Printer. We provide custom designed products and our digital manufacturing process is perfect for developing prototypes. Our production cycle and overall service are affordable and fast. We also allow for a one-off production for functional or physical testing. The entire process is flexible, which is crucial when it comes to trialling and redesigning your product. As a result,
Castech3D allows for industrial designers and engineers to revise more often, within a smaller time frame.

3D model Printing service – Concept Models

Concept Models
3d printed concept models

Concept models are used for the design and development of products in order to convey, and ultimately communicate ideas. Concept models are a valuable form of communication and they have the ability to communicate in a way that computers would never be able to. Castech3D provides concept models so that an idea can be transformed into a one-off finished product. Concept Models are a cost effective and durable in production-grade thermoplastics.

3D model Printing service -Jigs and Features

3d printing jigs & fixtures
3d printing jigs & fixtures

Castech3D develops jigs and fixtures for custom manufacturing tools through the use of 3D printing. The jigs and fixtures are customised to each individual and task for the improvement of manufacturing ergonomics. All jigs and fixtures are developed with lightweight thermoplastics and our service is precise in its customisation. As a result, Castech3D can produce complex end-use parts. Castech3D offer jigs and fixtures at an efficient rate that are no less affordable than conventional manufacturing.

3D model Printing service- Production Parts

3d printing service production parts
3d printed production parts

We are able to provide production without delay and the expense of tooling, while also having the ability to produce production parts that are customised to the customer and which are geometrically complex. Our service is free from traditional manufacturing constraints and we can provide on-demand production. All the manufactured production parts are durable, stable and repeatable parts, with the products being developed in a matter of days rather than months. Castech3D has the ability to customise and personalise all shapes and sizes of production parts in a cost effective manner.

3D model Printing service – Foundry Patterns & Coreboxes

3d printed coreboxes
3d printed coreboxes

Printed foundry patterns and coreboxes are an alternative to conventional patternmaking. We utilise the foundry moulding process and have evolved to update the entire process. As a result, customers have design freedom and the ability to incorporate intricate features. This technology has reduced labour and replaced timber with lightweight thermoplastics. The main benefits include the increased speed of manufacturing and casting process.

3D model Printing service – Props for Theatre/Films

3D Printed props
3d printed props

We can provide props for theatre and film production quickly and easily, so that props such as figurines or replicas can be fabricated and brought to life. With Castech3D, printing props can be highly customised, highly detailed, and of the best quality. Subsequently, the props are affordable and accessible as various processes and materials are used to suit the customer’s needs. This technology is recognised as the future of filmmaking and sure to provide an excellent effect to any production.

3D model Printing service – Vacuum Moulds

3d printed Vacuum moulds
3d printed vacuum moulds

Vacuum moulds are used to form plastic products and have the ability to print in certain plastics for small runs. The process is considered a type of thermoforming and it has the capability to shape thin sheets of thermoplastic. In short, the heat makes the plastic pliable and then the vacuum is used to pull the heated plastic sheet around 3D printed mould. The whole process allows for repetitive sampling and custom forming. Vacuum moulds allow for greater accuracy and surface finish for final vacuum formed products.

Contact Castech3D for 3D Printing Services

But what really sets us above the rest is our overall service. Our knowledgeable personnel work closely with you to deliver the product you need when you want it. Long-standing customers agree that their partnership with Castech3D saves them both time and money.

To find out more about our 3D Printer service at Wingfield, please contact Brad Walsh